Schools of Software Testing: Useful or Negative Influence?

On April 2014 Cem Kaner and Rex Black had a debate on stage at STPCon Spring 2014 titled “Schools of Software Testing: Useful Paradigm or Negative Influence?” about the impact of the Schools of Software Testing such as Context Driven Testing.

For historical reference, the debate was transcribed:

The Introduction

Chairperson: Welcome to the STPCon Spring 2014 recordings.

We’re going to talk a little bit about the schools of testing, and I don’t know how many of you have been following the debates out there, but we thought it would be interesting to bring a couple of the gentlemen that have been at the heart of the debate to come here.

Have a conversation about their points of view to a little point, counterpoint, and then we’re going to have a little bit of audience participation as part of that. So I’m going to be out there when they kind of laid the foundation of their arguments and go back and forth and I’ll be close by. So if I have to wrestle them to the ground, I will. And I’m looking for a couple of the big guys that can help me out, because these guys could probably take me, but I’ll be out there with a microphone. So I think we’re gonna have a good time here enjoying this debate and interacting. We thought it would be a nice way to interact.

So I’m going to invite up onto the stage first, Rex Black. Rex, come on up. Give Rex a hand. He’s the president of RBCS. He’s got a popular book managing the testing process, has sold over 100,000 copies and he has 11 other books and he’s great all around guy. I sat through his risk based testing last week and his Agile Tester. He’s introducing the agile testing certification coming up. And he’s a great guy and really a great trainer.

I’d like to also welcome up to the stage Mr. Cem Kaner. Another great guy. He’s a J.D., Ph.D.,. He’s a professor of software engineering at Florida Institute of Technology. He’s the author also of several books, including Lessons Learned and Software Testing and the Domain Testing Workbook. He’s also a software test luminary award winner. And we appreciate that.

And I am going to hand over the stage to them. They’ve agreed on the rules of engagement. They are a little bit close for my comfort. Anybody watch the arm wrestling? I think there may be a little bit of that going back and forth. But they’ve agreed that Rex is going to open it up and then Cem is going to discuss and then they’re going to go back and forth and then we’ll engage you guys.

Take it away, Rex.

The Opening Pitch

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